Reset course Progress

I was taking the Python Mastery Class and well life got in way and i need to start over.
Does anyone know how to reset the class so i do not have to remember where i left off…

I can click the video’s one by one but next day i come back and I’m looking for where i left off

its a pain…

Waiting for a feature to be implemented. I also stopped and wanted to start over but it is just too hard to keep track of where I stopped haha

I would also like this feature please

I sent a few emails on this a long time ago and never received a response. Now I either make note of the last lesson in a text file or download the videos as I watch them, makes it easier to see where to pick back up.

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I think this is the best way to mark where you left off. This is what I do too. I make notes of what I do daily and in my notebook, I write down next video/topic to be watched. So, I don’t struggle to know where to continue from.