Request for the next topic in Python, Pandas

Greetings Mosh,

If you happen to take requests for the next course, I would really like a complete course on Python Pandas. I write a lot of Java code normally and the Python class has been very helpful. Dealing with dataframes and exporting to Excel especially the ability to roll up rows in the same way Excel collapses down rows so that one can dig down into data. From a developer perspective I’m not a fan of dealing with Excel spreadsheets but managers tend to love them.

Thank you greatly so much for your classes, it’s nice to have refreshers and a perspective from outside the organization I’m in.

I should add, that if this can’t be done in Pandas (I have a feeling it can’t) then I wouldn’t mind another module of Python. The big thing is I want to do something programmatically that covers an export to Excel that has real dynamic pivot tables. The only thing I’ve seen out there is C# has functionality to create pivot tables. I’ve found a few things that R seems promising but haven’t had a chance to fully investigate. Thanks again Mosh for your awesome classes!

Ok, I was able to figure it out. If you’re looking to create dynamic pivot tables for managers. It looks like it can be done through JavaScript. … Looks like I will be getting the Javascript bundle, I wish I hadn’t used my time on researching it but at least I finally have an answer. I hope this helps someone else out there!
Good luck!

would someone help me I ain’t getting file
I got stuck in machine learning course
its say file either private or missing