Refunding issue

Hello everyone, my name is AMANI KANEZA MULUME.

I’m here to tell you that I’ve no bad intention or feelings with the way Mosh provides his knowledge to us but my problem is when I joined in the previous month ( march 2022) I was expecting to get what i payed for…it wasn’t the case.

Kindly imagine joining a class in 2022 then later on finding out your course are outdated can you get along with such challenge in my case I didn’t!

I faced issues with new versions of softwares we suppose to use, the lecturer using a 2012 version which is no way to be found in 2022.

Therefore immediately started requesting for my refund.

I’m here to tell you since the previous month of march up to day wed, 15th june i never got my money back. Now I’ve started thinking :thinking: maybe what Mosh told us “incase of no satisfaction you can ALWAYS REQUEST FOR YOUR MONEY BACK” was a lie actually it is a lie.

I’m sorry to bring this issue here i had no choice, i sent emails to the management 100 times, i waited but till now there’s no answer or money in my account.

Happy learning to you if you’re getting what you paid for! Peace :v:

Hi Amani,

We responded to your refund request on May 31st and told you we couldn’t find your account in our system, and asked if you had used a previous email. Please let us know at if you did so we can refund you right away.

I have the same issue too, they keep claiming I’m over 30 days when I am not. Please let me know how you fix this issue!