Refund issues, not over 30 days

Hello, I recently purchased a subscription for 30 days under the impression that I could get a refund in 30 days no questions asked. I purchased the subscription on May 23 and cancelled my subscription today. I was told that I was over the 30 days and could not get a refund, however I am not over 30 days. Please grant me my refund

I think you may technically be on the borderline depending on how they count the days.

  1. 5/23
  2. 5/24
  3. 5/25
  4. 5/26
  5. 5/27
  6. 5/28
  7. 5/29
  8. 5/30
  9. 5/31
  10. 6/1
  11. 6/2
  12. 6/3
  13. 6/4
  14. 6/5
  15. 6/6
  16. 6/7
  17. 6/8
  18. 6/9
  19. 6/10
  20. 6/11
  21. 6/12
  22. 6/13
  23. 6/14
  24. 6/15
  25. 6/16
  26. 6/17
  27. 6/18
  28. 6/19
  29. 6/20
  30. 6/21

That being said, it still seems like it is worth a double-check. @codewithmosh - care to take a look?

THe subscription still said I had until June 23 for the 30 day mark, and considering that I didn’t sign up at the very start of May 23 and end my subscription at the very end of June 21st, I still believe I am technically within 30 days, no matter how you count it

It is more of a phrasing issue. For example, having 30 days could mean that you have to request cancellation before your 30th day (which is what makes it possible for this to technically be a borderline case). If the subscription claimed that you had (or have) until June 23rd, then it is definitely pretty messed up for them not to honor that. If you have an email, etc saying you have until June 23rd, it may be good to screenshot that for support to see as well.

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Hi all,

Yes, the way @jmrunkle counted the days out is the way our host Teachable considers the 30 day mark. On our end, we are physically unable to issue refunds past the 30 day mark. However, if you’d like to dispute you can do so at and tell them your issue.

Support, Code with Mosh

Seems like you just used a convenient excuse to scam another user of not giving them their money back, considering that if you lookup codewithmosh and refund online you get several cases of people not getting their money back even though they contacted well before the 30 day mark. Very surprised someone that uses sly, misleading wording to weasel their way out with technicalities as well as outright scam other users has such a good perceived reputation. On top of that, considering my subscription for 30 days ends on June 23, your own inconsistent counting practices seems geared towards weaseling your way out of refunding customers rightfully.

Keep up the unethical, misleading practices and outdated courses. I’ll stick with instead of further contributing to this unethical business model.

For the record, I have no relationship with codewithmosh, I am just another student here.

Thanks for verifying. For the record, this makes it look like the issue is a technical one with Teachable rather than something codewithmosh can actually do anything about so I would recommend following their advice and reaching out to for intervention. The whole refund policy seems to come directly from the Teachable platform’s Terms of Use.

Notable quotes:

In general, all Students purchasing courses that are a part of the Teachable Native Gateways are entitled to a thirty (30) day full refund from the date of purchase. Unless authorized by Teachable in Teachable’s sole discretion, no Creator on the Teachable Native Gateways may offer to Students a refund policy for a period of less than thirty (30) days.

It is the Student’s responsibility to understand the refund policy for Creator Content prior to purchasing such Creator Content.

This one may give you some hope:

Teachable reserves the right to provide a refund to any student at any time in Teachable’s sole discretion.

Teachable also has an article about their refund policy specifically covering the timing of the 30 days. Here is a notable quote:

For example, if you upgrade to the monthly Professional plan on March 1st, then you’ll be eligible for a refund until March 30th. If you do not request a refund within this time, then you will be ineligible for a refund for subsequent subscription payments.

Surprisingly, their Terms of Use did not specifically mention that the 30th day is when you can no longer request a refund, but the Terms do say it is the student’s responsibility to understand the policy so they would probably argue that if there was ambiguity, you should have asked for clarification sooner.

There does not seem to be a conflict here because the subscription is just “monthly” which does not necessarily mean 30 days. If anything, the subscription seems generous by giving you 31 days and only starting the count on the first full day it applied to. If I purchased a subscription on 2/15, I would expect to be billed again on 3/15 even though that is less than 30 days later. It would appear that codewithmosh gives you even longer than that on your subscription which I would consider generous.

While I understand your grievance and hope you are able to get a satisfactory result, I do not agree with your rationalization that codewithmosh is “unethical” or “misleading” in this case nor is there any sort of “scam” going on here. Their responsiveness to support issues such as this is a testament to their well-earned good reputation.

@codewithmosh - If I may offer one suggestion that could possibly be improved on your side of things: add more details about the exact timing of the 30 day refund window when purchases are made in order to prevent this sort of confusion in the first place. That would significantly reduce these sorts of problems. I had to dig pretty deep to find a clarifying example of the timing on the 30 day refund window (which seems unnecessary). It may even be possible to make this more obvious when people go looking at their subscriptions so that they can see the end of the refund window in addition to the end of their current subscription. Cheers!

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Thank you @jmrunkle, we could not have said it better ourselves. Thank you for your suggestions and we will try to better explain our refund policy.

@sam512, we are sincerely sorry you’re unsatisfied and we can assure you we are not trying to scam anyone and Mosh cares deeply about ethical business practices. We just simply cannot on our end refund past 30 days, the literal option is disabld. If you would like, email and we can see if there’s someway else we can satisfy you, just reference this conversation.

Support, Code with Mosh