Recommend any public api I could use

Hello, I just finished the React intermediate course. I want to practice by building something interesting. However I am finding it difficult to come up with something interesting. If anyone has something interesting he or she should share.

blog or todos with data from
Not very interesting but could be good practice

Star Wars with
More interesting in my opinion. Might be fun to try and find public domain images for this one because it doesn’t look like they have them in the api

I’d be interested to see more ideas too.

I thought about making my own api with node/express or laravel but that’s a whole other project to take me away from react.

Thank you. I am working on a movie hub project. I am using Tmdb Api.

A project that I find interesting that can be complemented with your own back-end service is your own address book app. You will have the creativity of creating an intuitive address book of your own liking and also learn the back-end development that includes database of your choice. Personally I used MongoDB. You will learn about paging, sorting, authentication, authorization, exporting data, etc.