Is this really enough?

Is this really enough?
I have just finished the React course for beginners and now I want to build a simple website with what I learned
Is building a weather website using api good to test my understanding??


Gave me a sipmle API to get from it please, I am spend a lot of time searching about easy and free API.

I would say if you feel like it will challenge you and help you grow it’s a good use of your time.

One thing to consider if you want to start building a portfolio it would be better to update an existing website in your community like church or a non profit, or even offer a small business to build their website for free. Then you say say it was work experience as freelance.

whatever the case then post it on github and ask for people to comment on to see to learn as much from the experience as you can. good luck, please comment back here if you build something i’d love to see it.

I understand you, but I was exclusively looking for the idea of ​​a website that carries an API because I wanted to train on how to fetch data, and most of the APIs on the Internet are paid or very complex, so I wanted an easy API to have the longest experience with it in order to then move on to the advanced React course.

That makes sense, I’m still working through react so i have a lot more to learn about API’s. But seems like google says it’s one of the best API’s you could build for free. Have you seen any projects on github like these? I hear a good amount of the work coders do is reading.

There are many publicly open APIs that you can program for. Github has their own. amazon has one. Amadeus, the reservations system for hotels and flights has one. Some are harder than others because some have very complicated data models.

It’s better to ask yourself what kind of app you want to build and then search for sites that provide that sort of data. Most will have some form of API. Some will charge you to access them because they are information providers. Others provide their APIs for free because it helps them to sell the products.

In all cases, you’ll have to sign-up for a developer key and learn to use their API. They will expose their REST interface and then you need to write the client side. In many cases there are node.js or next.js packages designed to interface with those APIs. So you could start by search for popular packages that interface with an API.

I’ve used an api to interact with MongoDB,, and others. Evernote has one too. There’s plenty. But be prepared for some very complex interfaces., for example, is more than a note-taking app. Each note has objects and each object has data and that data can be a variety of types. So a single page of notes may have a really complex data structure. While Evernote should offer a far simpler API because their notes are more basic text notes with simpler properties.

It’s probably best to find a simple API, like the weather API in the class, and learn to use more of it’s capabilities. You could spend months trying to write an app for Amadeus (the reservations system).