React Native Authentication Token

Unable to get authentication token using Postman. All the codes look right but I’m still not getting the authentication code.

If you provide some detail on the error message you’re getting from Postman, someone should be able to help you. Postman usually returns a JSON object with an error code.

We have to use backend port for this, correct?

The 400 status code shows that your auth API is working. Are you sure that is a valid email and password?

Hi Dave,

I just tried again using a valid email and password. It’s still showing the same message. The port number we use need to be for backend, correct?

Hi @dpickut ,

Everything looks good to me but the message says it’s because of bad syntax.

When I took the course back in January, I saved some screen shots from this section. Your raw JSON looks good.

When I experimented with a bad password or username, the 400 error just said “Bad Request” - but didn’t flag “bad syntax”.

Sorry, but I don’t know what else to suggest. I did a search on “status 400 bad syntax” and found that this is saying the server cannot understand the request due to syntax. This is such a simple setup – that doesn’t seem like a feasible explanation. But, maybe try experimenting with some of those radio buttons on the Postman Post. I sort of remember needing to select one of those to get the requests working.