React Native Part 2 - Authentication API

I am having trouble getting an authToken from Postman and my app at the location: “http://localhost:9000/api/auth

I made sure to send a raw JSON post that is identical to the one in the video, but I am getting the response: {“error”:“Invalid email or password.”}

My backend server is running at port 9000.

I tried just moving on, but then I am also unable to get the token when sending from my app. No idea what could be going on here…Possibly something with debugger??

Pic of postman:

Just use “” as email and “12345” as password.

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Thanks, I figured this out a while ago and felt a lil dumb.

I’ll also note that localhost did not work for me, I had to use my IP address.

Same here,… send me mail let work today brother,…