Raven Does not exist in The Sentry Website

I managed to use the code in the course to finish this part but the sentry website does not have Raven in it. Can there be an update or something ?

Is Raven the name of your project ?
What is sure is I had to setup anew my project to have Sentry work.
They are kind enough to provide clear instructions on site. At least for my React project.

Hello, raven is the service used for logging that is in the course. Right now if you go to the sentry website there is no Raven. They have changed it to sentry. This was so confusing

I did complete the course quite some time ago and I do not remember of that raven part. But Sentry I sure remember.

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okay , let me be a little more precise. in the code where Mosh uses Raven in the HTTP app, sorry i confused that part. the code i have pasted below does not exist in sentry logging service.
release: “1.0.0”,
environment: “development-test”

if you go back to sentry website the Raven.config part is missing. Anyway that aside , can you help me out with this other error please. I have been following elections here in Kenya , i have been away for sometime. i have a missing winston module error when starting node js in vidly-api app
.Error: Cannot find module ‘winston’
Require stack:

  • /home/rwx/vidly-api-node/index.js

So it seems the course got updated at some point and a service called Raven was replaced by Sentry.

I found that and I think this is what you are talking about. I really have no memory of this component.

I found some Sentry Doc you might be interested in.

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Thank you , lemme check it out

if you really want to use Raven then follow these instructions:

Step 1: npm i raven-js@3.26.4
Step 2: import Raven from ‘raven-js’ in index.js module
Step 3: copy value of dsn from your configure react page of sentry.io of your project

Step 4:

release: 1 - 0 - 0,
environment: “development-test”,

Step 5: copy and paste this code snippet in your index.js module and rest of the steps as it is in video

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