15- Logging Errors

So I’m using sentry.io as instructed while creating a React project on the website, but my results are much different than Moshes.

If you look at the first image, this is what I expected to see:


But this what I got from from creating a project:


There’s no script or Raven or anything close to what Mosh has. Did I mess up? Or is it just outdated?

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It is outdated. I’m facing the same issue and I found that Raven is now a legacy client and it is not recommended for new projects. You can find more information from the official documentation at sentry.io: https://docs.sentry.io/clients/javascript/

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Okay thanks @lewis.rodriguez! I was wondering how others completed this lecture, because there’s no way I would skip it.

Hi All,

I am also faing the same issue. As the old Syntry got outdated, so any one got any solution of this.

Thank you for this! This helped me.

So, what can I do?
I donwt understand what I need to do.

Instead of using the snippet in tutorial, I use


see https://docs.sentry.io/clients/node/#configuring-the-client

It’s outdated, but it’s working if we perform the steps exactly and ignore the recent sentry setup guide.

Since the course also uses the legacy version of react and node, IMHO for learning purposes, we can follow the steps exactly.

  { release: "1-0-0", environment: "development-test" }

I personally found that, even though I’m using the up to date versions of the other dependencies, I used the version of Raven mentioned in the video. I then used the script version of sentry’s line. This still connected and reported fine to sentry.