Problem with video in latest Typescript course

Looks there’s a problem with the transcoding of the video “7- Parameter Properties” in the section “Classes, Interfaces and Object-oriented Programming”, makes it to 1:52 and then freezes. So far I’ve reproduced it in both Chrome and VLC.

As a side note, you also need to now add a new “TypeScript” category to the dropdown list in forum posts :wink:

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Works fine for me - online in Firefox as well as downloaded in VLC. However you’re only missing the last sentence of the video if it freezes there: “So these are called parameter properties. Next we’re going to talk about getters and setters”. :grinning:

Weird, now it’s magically working.

Thanks for the response, I don’t have permissions to delete my post, hopefully someone else will.

All the videos stopped appearing for me in Firefox last week. Fortunately they are still working in Chrome, but I prefer the FF’s video player.