Problem with parcel build index.html

Dear Everyone,

I am new to this programming world, and currently I am learning the Ultimate HTML5 & CSS3 series: Part 3.
Under the Building for Production section, I am experiencing the problem.
When I run with parcel build index.html, it gives error something like C:\Users\Wow\Desktop\Moshify\index.html: tree.render is not a function.

So, if some body helps me to fix this issue, its much appreciable and thankful.
Thanks in advance!

Can you please share the complete error message? Also, if possible, please also share relevant code snippet(s).

Hi Sufian,

Thanks very much for your reply and the error details are as given below:


In root i.e. in MOSHIFY folder

  1. create a file called “.htmlnanorc.js” (with no quotes “”)
  2. paste below code and save it and then run ‘parcel build index.html’.

module.exports = {
minifySvg: false

Thanks very much for your great help!