Problem with first project (Debug)?

So, I just started the C++ ultimate guide tutorial pack, and I created a new project as instructed in the video. However, I can’t run the program at all and there seems to be a problem in the Debug section of CLion? I’m new to programming, so I have no idea what to do. I would appreciate some help with this matter :slight_smile:



Hello, this is Gulshan Negi
Well, two things are looking up here: the video is unavailable here with your content, and the project is unclear. Well, I observed your problem, and later I found this post where the author published some Django projects you can try, and I hope it will help you.

It is saying that it cannot detect your compiler for C++ language.

Go through the install guide from here.

There is a default MinGW compiler included with the setup. You can set compiler using toolchains as mentioned here.