FeedBack on C++ Part1

This is my feedback on C++ part 1 : It was a great course to start C++ , in terms of learning the syntax , functions and the general concepts , I had a few problems following along using Visual Studio 2022 , specially on Organizing files in functions & using NameSpacing , so I had to download Clion IDE to follow along ,Also I wish these two topics were more illustrated just to get a full grasp on them .


Yeah me too, I also have Visual Studio 2022 and cause I do not have CLION I fear I am missing something or messing something.

Some of the concepts felt rushed without any in-depth explanation. I’m hoping the intermediate and advanced courses will offer better explanations to theories. Some functions aren’t properly explained in terms of theory and usability. For instance, adding #include was excluded when Mosh was introducing the getline() function.

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