Problem with creating Helloworld in the beginning

I am using windows 10 in the very beginning creating HelloWorld is a problem for me ! Can any one help me. Mosh is using apple and is not the same as windows.

I’ll do my best.

What’s the problem?

Also what video are you working on so were on the same page.

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Thanks a lot,
I am on the video 5, I’ve installed VS cod but can not create Helloworld folder in the beginning.
thanks again for respond.

press ctrl + b to bring up the file tree and click the created folder button. I put the square around the create file button. The create folder button is right next to it.

Screenshot (4)_LI

Thanks Joshua, I end up reinstalling it. but problem is solved. I appreciate your help.

Do yo know how those blue lines next to the code line appears ?
I had it before but now it’s gone.


They mark changed lines in code under version control.

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You beat me Sam! But that is my understanding of it too, @A100D-JS.