Platform of Codewithmosh is changing aspect

Anyone else is experiencing some weird behavior with the platform codewithmosh? Button related to single lessons don’t retain their state. Titles are white on white background.

They seem to have changed the design of the site. Try to fully reload the page (Ctrl-F5) and/or clear the cache to make sure you are not mixing old with new stylesheets.

Cleared cache and used another browser, but am experiencing the same issue on both. Chapter titles are white on white. siteMosh


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Ah - I didn’t even notice that but could reproduce it. For me Ctrl-F5 did help for the Docker course (which looked completely different afterwards) but not for the elder courses.

I also tried another browser I never visited with and had the same issue. So it doesn’t seem to be cache related. I think you’ll have to report that to to have that fixed.

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Reported the issue as suggested. Thanks.

Subtitle disappear.
Unread lectures seems like read lectures.
Back to the previous version please :confused:

We students can’t do that. You need to report that to


Yay! They fixed it. :slight_smile: