Course videos not showing?

New customer. This is my first course with codewithmosh (React 18 for beginners).
I am trying to watch my very first video, but nothing shows up. I can read/see all text lectures though.

I am using Firefox 111, with privacy/security set to strict.
I have explicitely allowed audio/video to be played automatically for site
Other hardware/sw: iMac 27, 128 Gb, macOS Ventura 13.2.1.

I have no problems watching ymedU or Youtube videos (no need for any special security settings).

So what is the magic here?

PS1 Does work in Chrome, so Chrome only?

Hi, NJF how much you paid for this course? Because In course page it shows $10. but in billing page it is $150. Please let me know about the course fee you have paid.

I have paid $ 599. It’s a great course.