Planning to buy

Hey I am planning on buying a course but if the course like gets updated to something new let’s say i currently bought react 18 then when react 19 comes will I have access to it’s contents? and i live in India and i eligible to make payment with my cards etc

Unfortunately you will not get access to future courses automatically. But honestly that’s not a big issue. Once you develop some skills with react, you’ll probably not want to take any version revisions. One exception is that if you take a REACT course, you may decide to take the REACT/NEXT.JS course. Next.JS introduces some really cool differences. I would actually recommend that course above the standard react courses.

There are so many other great courses, such as git, sql, and other languages, that you might consider the all-access program. But I know budget is a concern so you’ll have to decide that part.

Yeah I have saved up some money and I might be able buy the react course this December hopefully I just have 2 questions 1. Can I make payments from India 2. Is this really worth it I wanna become an app developer so I plan to take react native approach as i like javascript a bit