PIP version 21.1.3

trying to upgrade to version 21.1.3. now I am a complete beginner and am on lesson 7 and my print “Hello World” is not linting as promised. now I have seen I have to upgrade since apparently I am using 21.1.1.

Anyway long story short how do I upgrade? I need an answer before I pull anymore hairs.

Just discovered something. apparently when I check on the cmd the version 21.1.3 exists but still my CSV insists on using the 21.1.1 (like who does this!) and no still no way to update, so the hair pulling will continue

Ok after much struggle (akin to climbing the Everest) and much hair plucking I found the Pylint. I know this is a small win but I cannot help but be very excited. I was able to get the same error (returned by pylint) as prof. Mosh on the print “Hello World”.