PDF cannot be downloaded!

Django courses (1-3) Have lots of pdf files that are necessary but cannot be downloaded does anyone know the solution?
thank you

Have you tried restarting your browser? Log out and log back in, clear cache and cookies? You know, standard “have you tried turning it off and back on again” stuff.

no like when you do a lesson and there is a pdf underneath it how can I download that pdf there is no link like for example:
Django part 3
Running background tasks
5-Celery and windows
thank you @jmrunkle

Huh, I think I see what you mean. I was able to view the PDF for that lesson on mobile in the browser, but there was no download link. I will try again on my laptop later to see if this is just a mobile problem (for me).

Direct course link for reference: 5- Celery and Windows | Code with Mosh

Must be something with that course because when I go over to the Git course, I see the expected download link (for example, the course wrap up PDF).

But I do not see any download link for that specific PDF (the one that is in my previous post).

I am trying to see if I can find any other courses that had downloadable PDFs alongside a video in the same “lesson” which could be the specific set of factors required to trigger this issue.

I am having trouble finding any other videos in the Django series that have a PDF and I have still not encountered another case where there was a video alongside a PDF in the same lesson.

@Farzan_01 - Did you see this problem on any other lesson or only this one? If you saw it on any others, can you link those too? Right now, this is looking like either a problem with that lesson only (maybe some mixup on how the PDF was uploaded) or else it could be a problem when a video and PDF are hosted in the same lesson.

No, not that I can recall, but
If any, they’ll be in the Django series.
Thank you for your reply.

@Farzan_01 - thanks, we will start by assuming it is just this particular lesson. Using Chrome inspection tools, I was able to find a direct link to the PDF here.

@codewithmosh - the PDF linked to the “Celery and Windows” course does not have a download link. I have not found any other examples in this or other courses where a video and a PDF were in the same lesson so it is not clear if this problem is specific to that PDF or if the problem would happen any time a video and PDF are in the same lesson. Can you all check this out and see if this can be fixed?

I found one more.
The Ultimate C# Series: Part 1
Primitive Types and Expressions

Same problem again. I would appreciate it if you could inspect and post the link.

@Farzan_01 - You are correct that the video/PDF combo there has the same problem. However, in that particular case the PDF happens to be repeated on the subsequent lesson (which does contain the download link): What are Logical Operations? | Code with Mosh

Since it may help @codewithmosh to delve into the issue, here is the direct link to that video / PDF combo that has the same problem (PDF cannot be downloaded): Operators | Code with Mosh

I appreciate the help.

Hello all!

Thank you for letting us know! The pdf should now be available for download. Let us know if you’re still having issues.

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@codewithmosh - This still seems to be an issue with the “Celery and Windows” lesson I linked to up at an earlier comment, I am able to see the download link for the video:

But there is still no download link for the PDF when I scroll to the bottom:

NOTE: I see that this is fixed for the “Operators” lesson

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Apologies, this should be fixed as well now.

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