Downloading the code

In learning Django part 2. The video states that “Right below this video you will find a zipfile where you can find all the source code”. Below the video there is a download link. I clicked on it to only get a copy of the video. There is nothing else below the video. Can anyone direct me to where this zipfile is?


Could you clarify which lesson you are having this problem with?

Ok so I found the zip file but it was not where the video stated. The Course is Ultimate Django Part 2 . The second lesson called “Setting Up the Project” at the 01:00 minute is where Mr Mosh, says that “right below the video you will find a zipfile…”. But its not right below the video its the next chapter that is called “Supplementary materials”. The person watching the video, aka me, will think that it is literally below the video. But all I find is a download link which is to download the actual video. Since its in the first min of the lesson, I wouldn’t think to skip that lesson and look at the next chapter. Just a suggestion you may want to edit that part and tell the students that the next lesson has the zipfile.