Django course no longer responding

Module 2, “Securing API”, lec 9 and beyond has stopped responding.

From 2:42 time stamp lec 9 and all following lectures have stopped responding. They are all hanging up and will not buffer or play.

Has there been a change in the course? Are the servers down? Is this temporary or permanent?

Any insight would be appreciated.

**** UPDATE ****

I have downloaded the video in question, and a few others to test, and it appears they work fine if you download them.

To save space, I used an externa HDD for storage. Hope this works for anyone who is running into a similar issue

*** update 2 ***

Turns out the problem is the Chrome extension used for JWT. If you leave it on after the lesson, it prevents the rest of the series from playing.

You can either turn it off and the videos will play as expected, but you (I) will not be able to access the user information or you can leave it active and watch videos that you have downloaded.