Not getting trailers data from RAWG API


Hi all!
Just finish the lesson regarding getting and displaying game trailers…
Only Grand Theft Auto as data. The API does not return any data for other games. Does anyone know a workaround?


Have u code it, let see how you did it

Something wrong with api. You can paste the url with key into another browser tab and get the same results. GTA V has a trailer and other games have empty results. That takes our application out of the picture.

So it’s not a problem with our code.

I wonder if it’s a limit on the free account. Because why is GTA V the first game in the list by default and the only one with trailers?

It’s because most of the trailers was uploaded on youtube and to fetch that data you have to buy at least RAWG API Business.
I think there is more games with trailers directly uploaded to RAWG. “Rise of the Tomb Raider”
have one trailer so if you want extend trailer component and f.e. add conditionaly rendered buttons to select trailers it’s still doable and easy to verify if it works.

I have also faced the same problem. Maybe they don’t provide game trailers for games except Grand Theft Auto