React - axios get data from

Dear All
I write a code which doesnt show any errors but when I run the code I dont see any result . is there anyone could notice the problem?
I get the data from


You should not share sensitive data such as your API Key.
I just registered to have a new one.

I don’t understand all your code but I wonder where you are providing the API Key. From what I saw in their site it is provided as a query string.

EDIT: Did not pay attention the API Key is in the response. Just refreshed it. It is no more mine. ^^’

Hope this puts you on the right direction.


actually I couldn’t check your code but if you are sure that you have written it correctly as same as mosh’s tutorials and if you live in Iran country please check your connection and make sure use proxy for this site.
good luck.

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I am having the SAME issue, I read on AI that it could be the useEffect but I not know how to fix it or understand it properly of what could be the root of the problem. Were you able to fix it?? I am interested in what approach you took in order to solve it.
Thanks in advanced!

I fixed the problem by using a VPN because in my country the site that we should use for this practice is filtered. so I dont know about your situation . but the source of the problem is that the key doesnt work if you dont have my situation I suggest that refresh the key . maybe it work