Be careful with rawg api

I have no idea if this will help anybody but I completed the React18 for Beginners project and was playing around with the site we built. If you followed all the steps, your project should be able to get almost any game from rawg’s database. As I realized, this unfortunately includes 18+ games. If you are going to be putting this project on your GitHub, or showing it to anybody, it might be helpful to place another restriction on what kind of game you can display. I added metacritic: “65, 100” to the params object in my useGames.ts file and it seems like that helped, as metacritic rated games are normally SFW. I’m sure there’s a better way but this was a panic fix as the project was already live on my GitHub page.

If a warning or explanation like this was shown in the course and I missed it, then apologies for my mistake.