Not enough excercises

hi, I am learning from the course currently doing zip functions in the part of data structures.
a problem I ran into is that there aren’t enough exercises and I’m forgetting everything or not really understanding everything I’m studying.
one exercise at the end of this huge subject isn’t enough

can someone send a link to a site that has exercises that are consistent with what mosh teaches?
for data structures, loops, functions etc.


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I’m having the same problem…need more exercises, more practice

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@mayas I am currently on another site with more exercises, almost after every 2-3 lessons there is an exercise, is called Vertabelo Academy( Python Basics. Part 1 | Vertabelo Academy | Vertabelo Academy )

im having the same problem, is this course you mentioned really worth it? im very very disappointed with this one

Well there’s a lot more exercises than on this one, an exercise at almost every second or third lessons, so that’s a plus, besides it explains pretty good how things work, but for an absolute beginner like myself everything is hard if things aren’t explain like you explain things to a toddler

ahahahhaha we’re in the same boat mate, good luck!

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Good luck to you too !!!

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