Nodemon package installed, command not found


I switched from windows to linux - zoirn (ubuntu18).

I am having a strange errror. After install a package, i get a “command not found”

I susspect it has something to do with my path, but not sure how to veriy or update. Any ideas?!

➜  ~ node -v
npm -v

➜  mongo-demo git:(master) ✗ npm list
mongo-demo@1.0.0 /home/greenthingsjump/Development/udemy/mosh-node/mongo-demo
├── express@4.17.1
├── mongoose@5.10.19
└── nodemon@2.0.6

➜  mongo-demo git:(master) ✗ nodemon index.js
zsh: command not found: nodemon

I cant remember where I found the solution, but I solved it. I had to add a line of something to my profile. It was permission based.