New React course - Suitable?

Hi everyone so I know Mosh just recently launched his new React course. I also know that he says it’s for beginners, and I’m a true beginner. As I don’t have any previous experience with html, css and javascript. So my question is would this course be suitable for me seeing as how I don’t have any experience in those other areas?


This is a beginner React course in a sense that you have expertise in following things:

  • HTML / CSS
  • JavaScript
  • A basic understanding of how the web works.

I said ‘expertise knowledge’ but don’t worry if you are not expert. As long as you know how these things work in sync to create a web page, you should be able to understand the course.

know that if you are very new to web field, taking this course is not recommended.
You may want to take HTML / CSS course by Mosh to start from very beginning of the web development process.

Once you know how things are created in web, you should be good to dive further!

Good Luck