New Javascript learner question

Hi Guys! So I was going through the Javascript course and although there are exercises, I am not sure there are hands-on projects I can work on even as I learn to help solidify my understanding of Javascript. Are these kinds of projects available?

Look forward to your response. Best Regards!

In my experience, if you want to learn a programming language, you will need to first understand what it offers and learn the syntax as well.

You can not build anything using just a programming language alone. You will need to use a framework (or library) to build something meaningful.

So, if you are going through the JavaScript courses at the moment, I believe Mosh has created the exercise just for making the concept clear and if you can complete those exercise without any problem, feel free to fast forward and work on real projects.

  • Create a simple website and add interactivity there like: AJAX for form submissions, toggle items, create custom sliders, so on and so on.

As you keep working on projects, you will have opportunities to implement the features of a programming languages.

Hope it helps.

I could not disagree with the above comments more. While frameworks and libraries are the norm, they certainly are not required to build projects. They are productivity tools. I will agree that I would not like to build everything from scratch, but that does not mean it can not be done without those tools.

That said,

  • Are you interested in front-end, back-end, or full-stack?

  • Do you know any other technologies like html or css?

There are so many resources out there that have free content such as small projects you can build. Those super simple projects are often enough to get the wheels turning about how those techniques can be applied to other projects of your own. You will be forever adding new tools as your requirements grow.

“That does not mean it can not be done without those tools”

For fun you can create your own Search Engine
when it comes to production ready application, you definitely don’t want to do that.

If you keep building every feature from scratch then it will take forever to do that. Forget maintaining the code.
If your app doesn’t have that many feature then what use will it be of?

So, your comment begs the question: what sort of functionalities do you believe can be achieved or developed without using any library (assuming you want to create some sort of application)

Building everything from scratch defeats the purpose / meaning of APIs and Open Source Concept.

You are absolutely correct. @Dev-Librah sounds like they are ready to make production ready apps, and should dive head-first into all the frameworks and libraries they can. Javascript is not capable of building any project whatsoever, and I am totally sure if you googled apps that you can make with vanilla javascript then there will be zero results.

Sorry for misunderstanding the post about simply making projects to practice what you are learning. I should always assume newer people are trying to make the latest and greatest with all the frameworks, libraries and features available…