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Is it possible for Mosh to allow the downloading of an entire course? Instead of just one video at a time.

Would save me lots of time…

This would actually be a fairly entertaining programming problem to workaround since you should be able to accomplish it with scripting. It is a fairly simple “web crawler” that goes through each of the lessons and downloads any URLs that have the text “Download”. Since each lesson has the full lesson list in the side nav, you only need to parse one HTML file to get all of the lesson links. If anyone has the guts to try it out, I think it would be fun to share the results.

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It wouldn’t be that entainertaing, because teachable recently integrated reCAPTCHA… :frowning_with_open_mouth:

It’s just a workaround. It does not have to be perfect. As long as you get all of the links it should be feasible. I think if you are logged in normally with your browser and then make sure there is a delay between webpage visits you should not get into much trouble with recaptcha. This is just trying to simplify a task you would have to do manually visiting each page and clicking the download link.