Need help for an assignment

Can someone possibly help me with a assignment for Java. I would like it over zoom or Google meet and I’ll pay per hour thank you

What kind of help do you need? Are you looking for a tutor?

I need help writing a program and understanding Java to prepare for my exam. I use eclipse

Yes I am in need of a tutor

There are a number of Java tutors for hire on Fiver, Wyzant, and other websites I am sure. If you have specific questions about Java feel free to ask here (free of charge). You will make more progress if you can be specific though. “Understanding Java” can mean anything from learning the whole language from scratch to fixing a bug in a small program.

If you have an upcoming exam, it will help your tutor to know what material has been covered by the course you are taking and what scope the exam covers (eg. is concurrency an issue you need to know about? or are we talking basics like data types? class design?)

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