Moshify Main.js File


This is Collapsible Component:

My question is that: What is the this keyword is referring to in the code below?
Is it referring to Item or Collapsibles?

And when i click either on header or icon it will toggle collapsible--expanded and i don’t want that to happen, i only want it to expand when i click on the icon.

It waiting for a “collapsible event”. I think the java script waiting to any mouse click, if there is a mouse click, it will flip the “chevron” or in the case of Navbar, it will show or hide the link on the Navbar.
As I followed the course 3, I got the Navbar working, with an exception: the initial load of the index.html, always loading with nav-links hidden on the Navbar, but if I click on the Navbar, all the Nav-links become visible. The main.js was coded to wait to hear a mouse click. So in a sense, the main.js file has a logic bug!
I have problem getting the “Chevron” to work correctly using Sprite–my Chevron shows up as a black circle icon, without the white “>” symbol inside the black icon. Wonder if this is a common problem other people ran into. I have tried multiple troubleshooting paths, send only one icon to create the sprite at a time, no luck, same black icon returned. It is not because of my process was incorrect, I was able to use the wordpress icon and make it rotate 90deg. I cannot resize the original Chevron.svg, and have not figure it out using css.

The main.js works fine, it is my css and html code. not sure why it not working the way Mosh taught in the lessons.

I encountered the same problem with the chevron icon too - it appears as a black icon. Has anyone found a solution to this?

Thank you so much it worked!

Thanks. I had to go back and used the sprite file from Mosh, then it worked.