HTML/CSS part 3 lesson 26 Collapsibles


I am currently working my way through the collapsibles lesson and when I add the .icon–white class with it’s properties it removes the grey background that is there.

Any ideas why this might be happening or where this property is coming from?

Many Thanks


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In your case something (an inline style) might be missing from your sprite file

Like this for instance? :point_up_2: :thinking:


I have had a similar issue in a previous lesson with .SVG’s and resolved it the same way that “A100D-JS” proposed.

Now I am seeing a new issue entirely where there is no image, only a solid fill in the shape of a circle. I can change the color of the fill but the “Chevron” never appears.

Can you share a screenshot of your html and sprite file for chevron part?

I ended up subbing in the file provided and everything fixed itself.

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This worked for me!! All I did, was add the tiny fill text, fix some of my frantic attempts to fix the issue lol, and there we go!

I was back in line with the lesson. Thanks @A100D-JS!

Brother I can’t thank you enough! I was stuck, in my sprite file I had no fill at all. Added the fill to #393939 like in the photo you provided. Much love!

Thank you! I was also getting frustrated, but adding the fill="#393939", shown above with the red underline, solved the problem.