Icon problem ________chevron

Hello guys, I am in the ultimate html/css part 3. In this part I have faced some issue with collapsible part.

When I replace chevron icon format in html it fully filled with primary color.

What is solution for this issue?

I haven’t seen that course in a while so not sure what video it is. Can you share with a CodePen?

I don’t have account in codepen

I was facing the exact same issue when I was doing the course a few months back, what you have to do to fix it is just download the project file from the video (in the course) and at the bottom will be a .zip file attached, all you got to do is extract it and grab the chevron.svg and replace it in your vscode project file or just the folder. Hope this helps!

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Thank you bro,it’s work

You’re welcome, friend

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sprite file doesn’t have the fill property for circle.
So add the fill property like this
circle cx=“25.5” cy=“25.5” r=“25.5” fill=“#393939

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