Mongoose version 5.0.2 vs 7.0.1

i downloaded mongoose without paying attention to the version . The latest version (7.0.1) was installed and listed as a dependency in package.json

In section 8 of the Node course, there is a project named ‘vidly’. To connect to the database we use

I got error "cannot connect to mongo database’

When i checked the exercise solution i noticed that mongoose v.5.0.2 was being used. Installing the earlier version solved the connection problem.

According to ChatAI, v.7 caused a breaking of the connection. Check ChatAi with this query…

“why does mongoose.connect not work with mongoose version 7”

i am experiencing the same problem. i’m on section 7 of the node course…

Hello its Harvel, use this it will work :

mongoose.connect(“mongodb://” )

Actually for enlightenment refers to the local host