Lesson 6 CSS Basics

Lesson 6 CSS Basics. i’m trying to give the photo some < style >
when i put img { } is not reading the word img so i can’t change any width or border
i’m a begginer btw… please help.

Hi Frank,

At this point I can only assume it has something to do with specificity.

Could you share your index.html and styles.css codes here so we can check it out for you?

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    <title>HTML IN 10 MINUTES</title>

<H1 style="font-family: 'Courier New', Courier, monospace;">Este sera el primer heading</H1>

<p style="font-family: italic;"> El entendimiento de Html es essecial para las paginas web</p>

<h2>Este es el segundo heading.</h2><br>

<img src="images/senna.jpg">

<p>@Francisco Alcala</p>

<p>Me gusta aprender a codificar! </p>


 img {





It shows me an error : Do not use empty rulesets , and its marked on line 15 where the img is,

The message says that your rule is empty, because it’s emtpy… You have the selector, the curly braces but no attributes set.

And BTW: You didn’t close your img-Tag. And writing html tags in upper case (H1) is uncommon. At least be consistent.

even if is not empty still don’t work, when you type img it comes with a color right?
well mine is not showing that, i don’t know why, i’ m confunsed

Can you post a screenshot? I’m still not sure what your question/problem is.

Hi Frank,

I just tried out your codes, I am able to apply stylings to your img tag. But im not quite sure what style(s) you want to apply.

Based on your question:

when you type img it comes with a color right?

I think you’re talking about intellisense. So under your img style, go ahead and type “color” with “:” in the end, then you will get suggested colors (these work for me using VS Code).

However, keep note that applying color directly to your image will not work.

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