Javascript : Tutorials for "Dummies"?

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Like many others, I struggle to learn Javascript. The reason I guess, is because “every” tutorial I´ve found, is just a guy typing text and numbers like:

const name = ´john´;
const age = ´30´;
const x = ´null´

…and so on. But it never show me in i visible way what it does, and how I use it in web-development when constructing a webpage.


Like HTML and CSS, you see text, images, colors and styles change the looks of a page, but what does Javascript actually do?

Is there any good tutorials out there that shows the effect of Javascript?

// Thanks!

JavaScript is a language and the courses teach the language.

If you want to learn about DOM then you need to look for something on DOM manipulation in javascript.

Most developers use frameworks like Angular, React, or Vue for DOM manipulation but there is lots of information out there about using vanilla JS

See also: JavaScript DOM Manipulation – Full Course for Beginners - YouTube

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This O’Reilly ‘exercise’ book was very helpful to me when I had the same questions:

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