Issue with Python project using Django Admin

Python Course Module 12:

I cannot add genres and delete users on the Django Admin Panel. I migrated all three times according to the video and ran the development server through VS code. Please help.

Hey. I think I found the solution to it. Mosh has used Django 2.1 for his project, which is incompatible with db.sqlite. Kindly try your project with the latest version of Django. I think it may help.

samething. Cannot add even with 3.* veriosn

I was having the same problem and after reading this post I remembered I had the same problem when I was doing Mosh’s free Youtube course. The solution was to install ver 2.1.5 of django.

I was also having a problem with the line

path(‘movies/’, include(‘movies.urls’))

in vidley/ I trouble shooted this to it for some reason not reading the / at the end of the movies string. For some reason it wasn’t getting read, though I had checked the syntax and saved the file over and over. In the end I made it into a raw string so I had

path(r’movies/’, include(‘movies.urls’))

Not sure if this is a version issue but it solved the problem.


Thank u so much Mr Roto