Is the Node Course Outdated?


Hi, The node version in course is V8 while the latest is v21.
Will I be able to Complete it without trouble ?

Kind Regards,
A. Sai

Your question is without trouble, the answer is no.

However if your willing to check the forum each time you have a problem i’d say 95 percent of the outdated / deprecated code has documented solutions which work. I’m almost finished with node and have been running current versions of everything and I have all the projects working.

Overall will you likely encounter outdated code on a real job? yes. having to find alternate solutions and check the forum make you a better developer. Now when I encounter different versions of things i don’t feel so daunted.

Is the node course for you? you decide! do you know you are only gonna work on cutting edge projects? or are you willing to take any code job that gives you a parking space on your resume regardless of how outdated their project is?

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Thank you Orion. I will go ahead and use the forum to my advantage.