Is a linting program still needed?

First of all, I’m assuming that a linter is essentially a grammar check/auto spell-esque tool, am I correct?

Are separate programs still needed to lint in 2023, or are they automatically baked into the IDE now? I literally just started the Python course with Mosh and the video says to download/install Pylint, which I did, but some of the features just aren’t the same on my version (3.11.4) and the video’s version (3.7).

PS - this is offtopic and doesn’t need to be answered here, but is VScode even worth using? The youtube video was using Pycharm, which I really liked, while the paid course is using VScode, which (imo) seems a little primitive. I’m only just starting, is it worth just finishing the course with Pycharm instead of VScode or is VScode worth learning for some reason?