I got stuck in Html/CSS Part 3, Lesson 42 Parcel-Deployment

My name is Saqib, I almost completed my HTML/CSS journey but unfortunately I got stucked at Lesson 42 of Part 3 while deploying my website using PARCEL.
I did the same as Mosh described but error appears everytime I run index.html with PARCEL.
I also searched and tried different ways and hacks, but nothing works for me. I’m sharing this problem with you guys because I hope someone has a solution that will work. :slightly_smiling_face:

These are the Errors coming…
Server running at http://localhost:1234
× C:\Users\DELL\OneDrive\Desktop\Moshify\images\logo.svg: Invalid Version: undefined
at new SemVer (C:\Users\DELL\OneDrive\Desktop\Moshify\node_modules@babel\preset-env\node_modules\semver\semver.js:314:11)
at compare (C:\Users\DELL\OneDrive\Desktop\Moshify\node_modules@babel\preset-env\node_modules\semver\semver.js:647:10)
at Function.lt (C:\Users\DELL\OneDrive\Desktop\Moshify\node_modules@babel\preset-env\node_modules\semver\semver.js:688:10)

Many people are stuck in this part of the course. I tried so many youtube tutorials but always ended up with a problem. I disregarded this part for learning purposes.

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