I can't find a method

I created a list. Then I typed the name of the list followed by a dot. I expected all the methods in that list object to be displayed. They weren’t. Is there something i have to do to access an objects methods?
The detail is as follows:
Here’s my line defining the list:
letters = (“a”, “b”, “c”)
Here’s my line expecting the methods for the list to be displayed for me to choose one
Specifically, I wanted to use the ‘append’ method, which Mosh said would be offered to me, but which wasn’t.
Please help.
Thanks and have a nice day

what you typed is a tuple literal. Tuples are immutable, which means they can not change. If you are wanting a list then replace the following and see if the methods you are looking for come up in intellisense.

letters = ("a", "b", "c") 


letters = ["a", "b", "c"]

Thanks so much for your help, hope yr day is really great … or even better.