Help with math notations

Hi guys, so yeah I have made my way to 'working with numbers". and I did exactly as instructed. wrote math and doted it expecting to see the methods available in said object. none showed up.

So my question is should I install anything to enable this object?

Would truly appreciate any help.

Could you explain it in different way? I don’t understand your problem (I’m not natively speaking english). I had no problems with this lesson.

I am after the same thing, so after you type math. ther shoud be a list with the methods i.e cos, exp, etc as per the working with numbers video: lesson 2.8

Apparently double dots worked for me.

strange…tried with the the two dots still work and when I try with : I am getting ALL the names of countries combined with the dictionary??? what version of VSCode do you have? Maybe that is what I need? Incidentally it works super well with Pycharm. I know I like my Pycharm but I am also keen to fully understand VSCode.


I think this extension does the job.

i have this extension… btw I realise you have the same version Mosh has. also although I have java installed on my comp VSCode keeps telling me => image

Will insist until I get it right but I get a feeling I would have to get the same version you guys have.

would you kindly check for me what version of VSCode you have? These are the features on my VSCode ==>