Html and css support part 3

I have just installed html and css support but it doesn’t work. when i type something like h… it doesn’t suggest any class.

There seems to have been a change to Visual Code since that video was made. In addition to installing the Prettier extension, you now need to go into settings and select it as the default code formatter. Select File → Preferences → Settings → Text Editor, then scroll down to where it says “Default Formatter” and make sure “Prettier - Code Formatter” is selected from the list.

Don’t you think it should be updated? I have already installed prettier. I installed it when i started the course itself.

I checked it out but html and css support keeps not working. I followed your instructions. Select File → Preferences → Settings → Text Editor. Prettier was already selected by default. I was talking about one lesson in the third part of the course, where mosh installes this feature called “html and css support” this can make easy to find a proper class while you are typing. For instance you type h and then you can choose different name classes by default simply by typing h inside the quotation marks. it is in the section “what will you need” if i am not wrong.

Do you mean intelliSense? I’m sure Visual Code has several options for it

I had that issue as well and I switched to an older version and that works.