VS Code extensions not working

Hey there,
I’m starting part 3 on HTML/CSS course and I’m running into trouble with the extensions required for the course.
CSS Peak and HTML CSS Support not running on my VScode.
Any ideas to help out?
I appreciate it.

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What are the extensions you are asked to install?


the following:
CSS peek, Highlight Matching, TODO highlight, HTML CSS Support.


I did try:

CSS Peek:
F12 functions.
Ctrl+Shift+F12 does not
Ctrl + hover functions if you didn’t have the mouse already on the class.

HTML CSS Support:
Did not test because I already have that feature on VS Code and to be honest I do not know if it is now embedded with VS Code or some other plugin does the same.

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I believe peek is supported in vs code for certain programming languages by default. HTML\CSS languages are not supported by default, so the extension is needed to extend the default functionality.

@YuriAmancio Have you checked your installed extensions to make sure they are installed and enabled? Also, might not be a bad idea to restart vs code. I typically do not use the peek css extension but it is running fine after I installed.

@MTownsend I managed to delete everything possible and reinstalled vs code.
The other extensions were not working as well but now is fine, but css peek still not working after everything I did. I guess I can live without it for now. Thanks for the help.

What OS are you using? I know on windows you typically need to do some extra housekeeping when uninstalling programs, references are usually stored in appdata, registry and those other program locations. If you are on macOS then that should not have been an issue.

Sounds like you are ok with it, but just throwing it out there if you want to check more.