How to Show subtitles in React 18: From Zero to Hero course?

In the React 18: From Zero to Hero course, how can I show subtitles?
I can’t find it !

I don’t see that it’s possible. Is this something you have been able to do in the past?

I inspected the page and found the video player is “hotmart video player”, went to their site but I was not able to find a “user guide” just information for the content creators.

I also tried to download the video and opened it with quicktime. But when you go to View > subtitles there are unfortunately no options available. I am not a video playback expert by any means but I would suspect this is a setting that needs to be enabled on their end before it can be used for students/consumers

Sorry I couldn’t offer better assistance, but it’s what I was able to find

thank you for helping me and I hope this problem solve in future