Download lesson videos with subtitles

hi. even i could download the videos i couldn’t download the subtitles. since my English is not very good subtitles are very helpful to understand the lessons. so if anyone has any idea how to download subtitles please leave a reply. even that method require third party application.

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@Mosh @moshhamedani @SAM @jmrunkle @Nazmul @UniqueNospaceShort Can anyone inspect the code and link the subtitles for every lesson?

Unfortunately I do not think the subtitles are accessible in this way. CodeWithMosh is using a platform provided by Teachable. As far as I can tell, Teachable is using Hotmart’s Video Player. There does not seem to be a simple way to get the subtitles extracted from these videos unless you are the owner of the media. It is possible that CodeWithMosh could separately provide some sort of downloadable file for each of their videos that contains the subtitle track, but it seems unlikely to be worth the effort unless the Teachable platform (and their video player) natively supported it.

@codewithmosh - is there any way to make a feature request with Teachable for the ability to download the subtitles with the videos that are hosted on the platform?


Hi all,

So sorry to hear you’re disappointed! Unfortunately Teachable does not have a way to download subtitles. However we have requested that feature so hopefully they will add it in the future. You can also suggest it to them directly at


@jmrunkle @codewithmosh any update on this?

I have not seen this implemented yet, but as was already said:


Everything you see on webpage is a result fetched from server, things donot magically appear in webpage. Always check in network devtools.

(After opening network tab, if you dont find it then just refresh page & let video play for few seconds)

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I wanted to make notes while watching @codewithmosh lectures, and it becomes annoying to play & pause video frequently so I can write exactly what Mosh spoke.

Thats when I felt need to have subtitles.