How recent is the typescript course?

I’m interested in doing the Typescript course but I’ve learned (the hard way) from udemy that a lot of courses are a number of years old, and because software changes so quickly are outdated. The usual trick on udemy is to add a couple of lectures at the end of the course and update the title of the course to the current year.

Can someone please tell me which version of typescript this course is written for?

Also, there’s not category for typescript, so this question will go appear under “javascript”.

This one is very new, Mosh just created it within the past few months. I’ll see if I can find the version string in his install videos.

Edit: found it - version 4.6.3

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And Typescript 4.6.3 is only 5 months old at present:

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@jmrunkle Thanks!

I just signed up for it and already started it.

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