How old are the Courses? Have they been kept up to date?

I’m currently doing the CSS/HTML code and in one video about resolutions Mosh is talking about Iphone 4 Screen sizes and or pixels…
I’m not sure what I’m learning still holds up. What was your guys experience after finishing the courses and starting your own projects with HTML/CSS/JS/NodeJS?

Just don’t memorize the sizes of pixels for screens, the same concepts still exist to this day, high vs low res screens and different sizes. sure there are frame works that save us the trouble of manually making responsive screens, however it’s a fundamentals course you will struggle to form your own opinions on which tools work best if you don’t learn them. You will never find a tutorial that doesn’t have a concept or 2 that’s deprecated, and you never know if you will work on a website where it’s old and useful to know that info. Mostly the info is relevant Mosh does a great job of structuring his lessons.

-finished html/css JS, TS, React, Git, Docker with mosh working on node


I am happy to se someone thinks alike.
I can completely understand that outdated courses is not looking attractive.
But on the other hand it is an occasion to overcome a problem.
I’ve taken a few of the courses here and I remember the frustration. Can’t help it. But the next step is rather try to find a solution. Take a decision to move on.
It is up to anyone if they prefer taking a newer course. but as mentioned by @theorion, the concepts are still basically the same.

I am working with C# and I had the luck to work with .NET 6 for instance. But most of the projects I am working with professionally are .NET Framework 4.7 (which is the old framework yet still highly supported for at least 4 years to come).

At home I go with the newest LTS.

Learning the old is definitely relevant to me. Should it at least be for a historical reason. Where do the tech you’re learning comes from ?

I am happy to work in a team where I can see that more experienced devs can also struggle. Not that I would be happy see them struggling. Rather it helps me realise they are not almighty devs that knows every solution. There is no shortcut but a path to follow. I am becoming more and more patient in front of newer problems.
This is, I believe, what seniors have above us.

Just allow yourself to do it your pace should you have no urgency.
It is better you do it slow, bit by bit but regularly. And also you have your own projects.

Mosh is often telling about doing baby steps because it is easy to take too much and get lost in your thoughts.

Want a newer course ? Fine. But believe me that developing is also a lot of time looking for solutions). Mosh course is not talking about records and .NET 8 new features ? Fine. You got some basics and now you can find out yourself and build “yourself” yourself.

Good luck