How I can setup the colors and status on GIT Bash on windows

How I can set up the colors and status on GIT Bash on windows.


I did this a few weeks ago. It is explained on the official GIT site note.


Let me rephrase the question I mean the “GIT Bash” terminal on windows. Not PowerShell.

OK. There are configuration files for that. Though MINGW simulates Linux, editing the files directly did not work for me AFAIR.

There is an article on that should give you hints on what to do.

Good Luck

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I read the links thank you. Cloud you give me a fast tip, pls ?
The only thing in need to do is changing the color to yellow of (bugfix/signup-form) here /c/git/Venus (bugfix/signup-form) when the working directory is dirty and return to magenta with working directory is clean .